Fall Beers

Fall Beers

Now that Summer has past and Fall approaches the nights get a little cooler and a little longer.  And for some reason or another our minds start to think that we are entitled to raise a glass of some cheer earlier in the evening that only a few days before.   A new cast of inviting beer styles are presented to us, Marzens, English and Brown Ales and let's not forget Dunkels.  To that ends we try to make everyone happy and content.  Take a look what you could look forward to in the Fall from us:


Dunkel - Dark Munich Lager (5.0% ABV) 25 IBU

Flannel - Winter Ale (6.2% ABV) 24 IBU

Spy House - Cranberry Wit (5.25% ABV) 25 IBU

NPC Smoke Eater - Cherry Malt Smoked Ale (5.25% ABV) 35 IBU

Red Hill Rye - Rye Ale (6.0% ABV) 35 IBU


Upcoming Events

  1. 2018 Belford Brewing Company 3rd Annual Halloween Party

    October 27 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

What We Offer

Private Events

We offer packages for private parties.

Fills To Go

We offer glass Growler fills of 32 oz and 64 oz and Crowler fills of 25.5 oz of beer currently on tap.
We now have Wares Creek and Lobster Pot in “To Go” singles and 3 packs.

Tasting Room

We offer tours, “Schools” and pints of our delicious beer to be consumed in our tasting rooms.