About Us

About Us



Kevin and Mike started on this journey over three years in 2014 with the hope to brew fresh, delicious craft beer that people would enjoy.  One morning Kevin had an epiphany and woke up thinking, "I want to brew beer".  He spoke to Mike about his dream and Mike responded, "Yeah, I want to brew beer too" and they were off and running.  The Belford Brewing Company was incorporate in 2013 and after 9 months of finding a location, filling out all the state and federal forms and getting the place converted into a Brewery, we opened our doors for the first time to serve beer to the public on the first weekend of August in 2014.



Kevin has been brewing for more than 20 years and has produced a variety of traditional beer styles focusing on the malt flavor that we so love.  He started out by buy a handful of ingredients from a brewing supply company in Red Bank and crafted his first beer, "Crowweed Stout".  Since that first batch he has produced over 30 different varieties ranging from an American Pale Ale "Wares Creek" to a full bodied Belgian Triple "Pro Multis".  

Mike every now and then would help Kevin and our other brother Philip in brewing but had other endeavors that he pursued during that time, but several years ago worked closely with Kevin to learn about beer making and helped in fulfilling the dream of opening up a brewery.


Our Services

Private Events

We offer packages for private parties.

Fills To Go

We offer glass Growler fills of 32 oz and 64 oz and Crowler fills of 25.5 oz of beer currently on tap.
We now have Wares Creek and Lobster Pot in “To Go” singles and 3 packs.

Tasting Room

We offer tours, “Schools” and pints of our delicious beer to be consumed in our tasting rooms.