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Fall Beers

After a long hot summer it is finally nice to get some cool weather and there is no time better to drink some hearty and filling beers.  The season bring the turning of the leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving two great holidays for family and friends to share a pint of beer with.  So here's to the Fall and some tasty beers for you to try.

Belftoberfest - Mazen Lager (~6.0 ABV) 20 IBU

A golden copper Märzen/Oktoberfest lager, Belftoberfest is brewed to be smooth and drinkable beer for our celebration.  With toffee undertones this beer does not disappoint but get it fast as it won't be around for long.

Whipporwill - Saison (8.0% ABV) 

Named after the "Haunted" road in Middletown, as declared by Weird NJ, Old Whippoorwill Valley Road in Middletown is perhaps the single most famous road in New Jersey.  Many locals claim while driving down the road on a dark night they can almost feel the presents of others, even though nobody is there.  This Saison is nowhere as scary as the road, and is an interesting combination of Raspberry, Strawberries and candy sugar fermented with saison yeast.

Dunkel - Dark Munich Lager (5.0% ABV) 20 IBU

On a recent yearly baseball trip we wound up in a German Beer hall drinking half liters and subsequently full liters at a time of the dark brown lager. The beer was paired with German food while an accordion player in lederhosen played German music and a World Cup qualifying match between Greece and Germany was on the big screen. We felt as if we had been transported to somewhere in Bavaria. We hope you get some of that out of our Dunkel as well.

Flannel - Winter Ale (6.2% ABV) IBU 24

Well it is that time once again, a chance to offer up a winter brew to warm the bellies of our customers.  We have mixed up some cinnamon and nutmeg to produce a sweet aroma, "nutmeggy" grog for you to enjoy.  It reminds me of a time past when we use to lace up our skates and go to Bennett's and Compton's ponds for a hockey game.  In those days it was hot cocoa, but you're an adult now and can try something a little more mature.

Spy House - Cranberry Wit (5.25% ABV)

With the holidays upon us, why not make a beer from a fruit that New Jersey is known for, cranberries.   This beer is a Belgian Wit style with plenty of cranberry color and taste. As for the name, once again we turned to a special place in the area, "The Spy House" located right up the road in Port Monmouth for inspiration.  This house like "Whipporwill Valley Road" has a special place in the historical and haunted hearts of many of the local residents.  If you look closely on an autumn evening you may even see the figure of an American Patriot guarding the beaches awaiting the British troops arrival!

Red Hill Rye - Rye Ale (6.0% ABV) 35 IBU

Our friends at the Keansburg Fire Department came by one day and said that they were having a big event on News Year Day and asked if we could supply them with some beer.  The wanted the "Hund" (our Alt Beer) but we did not have enough time, so they suggested a Rye beer instead.  So here you have it, a dry, honey malt flavored rye beer for the brave fireman of the “Burg”.

NPC Smoke Eater - Cherry Malt Smoked Ale (~5.25% ABV) 35 IBU

Our Fireman friends from Keansburg came by again to ask if we could make a special brew this year for their annual swearing in ceremony New Year's Day.  They wanted a dark or black lager.  We didn't have enough time for that request but we came thru with a dark ale brewed with malt smoked with cherry wood.  Named after the Fireman and their house in Keansburg.

Crab Apple - Apple Wit (6.4% ABV) 16 IBU

Since the stripers have started making their way back to the bay we thought that we should replace the refreshing summer "Striper" Wit beer with a few fruit flavor beers for the fall.  About 40 pounds of apples were handpicked by Peter at Eastmont Orchards and added to the Wit to create a subtle apple flavor.  The name is reminiscent to looking out into the Bay where you can see the fisherman dropping traps in an attempt to catch some Blue Claws before they head into the mud for the winter.  Enjoy the taste of Crab Apple before it too is gone for the winter.

Belford Dark - Dark Hefewiezen (6.0% ABV) 20 IBU

Many years ago my brothers would talk and talk and talk about making a dark beer that was smooth and light but it never happened, until now.  Try this light, smooth and malty beer with a little taste of "chocolate" that was well overdue.   Here's to Kevin and Philip dream beer.

Royalties - Quadrupel Ale (~10.5% ABV) 39 IBU

Looking down and seeing your cards in your hand match the board and then seeing it improve to quads or to a straight flush is truly a greatfeeling.  You know you have the nuts so you'll be taking the pot down with an extra bonus - House royalties on a natural quads or better hand.  This beer is like that.