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The following beers are brewed during Spring into Summer and sometimes even more if the masses request them.  They are refreshing and sometimes fruity which comes when the blossoms on some our first fruits come to market.

Striper - Belgium Wit (4.8% ABV) 16 IBU

Named after the fish that frequents the Jersey Shore leaving the Bays and Rivers in the Spring to cooler waters more to their liking and returning to the Fall to warmer confines. .Striper is a beer that can be enjoyed not unlike the duration of the fish's seasonal migration.

Lost P(b)each - Peach Wit (5.5% ABV)  14 IBU

The beer was initially named after Belford's Lost Beach. A place many of us would venture to by going thru the woods, then thru the crowweed, then past the airport and finally next to the source of Wares Creek, the bay. On this beach we would light a campfire and listen to tunes among other things.  Enjoy the slightly sour peach skin taste in this brew.

Leonardville Lager - American Lager (~5.0 ABV) 30 IBU

Leonardville Road cuts right thru the heart of Northern Middletown Twp. from historic Middletown thru New Monmouth, Belford's Campbell's Junction, Leonardo and ending in Atlantic Highlands.  A main road that is the host to several churches, schools, shopping areas and historic houses and sights.  The beer is in honor of a great sample of American life here in New Jersey, USA.

Hund - Altbier (5.0% ABV) 25 IBU

In the old German style of beer, this is a favorite of the inhabitants of Dusseldorf. This beer is a dark copper color with a slightly hoppy, crisp taste.  The beer was made for a friend of Kevin who was having a fundraiser at his local firehouse and wanted something German to serve during Oktoberfest, but had limited lead time.  So Hund, German for Hound was born.

Juicy Shore  - New England Style IPA (4.6% ABV) 60 IBU

Well it was bound to happen, Belford Brewing Company made a New England style IPA, imagine that!  But we like to say it is a "NJ Juice Bomb" with an attitude.  With multiple hop additions that bring out a somewhat grapefruit scent and taste I think we did the style proud.  With the flavor that is refreshing and light just in time for warmer weather.  Here's to our customers that convinced us to give it a try.  Now you give it a try.

Cherry Tree Farm - Belgian Style Wheat Ale brewed with cherries (6% ABV) 15 IBU

Belgian style ales are some of our favorite recipes we love to brew at Belford Brewing Company.  The drinkability of these beers with all different kinds of flavors really satisfy the craving of beer lovers for something new and different.  Dark sweet organic cherries were added to this Belgian Wit to give it a hint of that cherry flavor we love.  We hope you enjoy it as well.

Horseshoe Maibock - German Style Maibock Lager (6% ABV) 37 IBU

With more than a few trips to Monmouth Park Racetrack to see the Haskell, amoung other races, a day at the track is something special.  Trying to catch exactas, triples and other longshots is always a great thrill.   this beer is brewed for the sport of kings and for our local crustacean that shares the same name., but in particular the first Saturday in May.  This beer is definitely a Jersey Bred.

Earle Riser - Pale Ale (5% ABV) 44 IBU

Anyone who is in earshot of the naval pier knows what time it is every morning.  At 8AM the lower Sandy Hook Bay is flooded with the sound of our country's National Anthem.  Played loud and proud by some of the locals that protect our freedom.

Belftoberfest - Mazen Lager (~6.0 ABV) 20 IBU

A golden copper Märzen/Oktoberfest lager, Belftoberfest is brewed to be smooth and drinkable beer for our celebration.  With toffee undertones this beer does not disappoint but get it fast as it won't be around for long.

Irish Red - Irish Red Ale (6.0% ABV) 25 IBU

This time of year when St. Patrick's Day rolls around I have fond memories of lifting a glass or two with good friends at local watering holes like the Dublin House were we would have a couple of traditional Irish Red Ales.  We wanted to bring that same flavor to our brewery.  Try this malty and a little roasty ale which makes me think of good times with mates from years past.  Sláinte!

Meadowview - Cream Ale (5.9% ABV) 24  IBU

Down at the Belford Docks as you look out you can see the view of the reeds in the Meadow.  As kids we use to go down there for fishing and crabbing excursions with my dad, brothers and friends.  Just around the corner from there was a very old establishment that most locals remember as "The View".  He's to that wonderful memory of growing up and having your first beer.   Try this creamy ale with a smooth finish as the days of fishing and crabbing draw near.

West Side Pilsner - (~5.7 ABV ) 28 IBU

There are two sides of Belford - the wet side and the dry side.  Rt. 36 is like the Mason-Dixon line.  Growing up on the wet side of Belford meant not getting a lot of respect.  Not to worry, we created our own. Enjoy this light SMASH lager with a little bit of hops to give it an edge.

Cinco – Jalapeno Rye Ale (~6.3 ABV) 35 IBU

Several customers have requested that we try and make a beer that has a kick to it, so this is our attempt to fulfill that request.  A nice peppery Jalapeno beer to pair with your favorite dish.  With a medium hot taste that stays on the back of your palate just long enough until you take your next sip.  We hope you like our version of what we like to refer to as “Cinco”.