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Winter Beers

With Fall behind us now is the time for full bodied beers like Belgium Tripels and Quads to keep us nice and warm.   Winter calls for making fires and sitting in front of them with your favorite Winter warmer.  So bundle up and sip your beer nice and slow and enjoy that nice warm feeling it gives your whole body.


Winter Ale (6.2% ABV) 24 IBU

Well it is that time once again, a chance to offer up a winter brew to warm the bellies of our customers.  We have mixed up some cinnamon and nutmeg to produce a sweet aroma, "nutmeggy" grog for you to enjoy.  It reminds me of a time past when we use to lace up our skates and go to Bennett's and Compton's ponds for a hockey game.  In those days it was hot cocoa, but you're an adult now and can try something a little more mature.

Red Hill Rye

Rye Ale (6.0% ABV) 35 IBU - Fall/Winter

Our friends at the Keansburg Fire Department came by one day and said that they were having a big event on News Year Day and asked if we could supply them with some beer.  The wanted the "Hund" (our Alt Beer) but we did not have enough time, so they suggested a Rye beer instead.  So here you have it, a dry, honey malt flavored rye beer for the brave fireman of the “Burg”.

NPC Smoke Eater

Cherry Malt Smoked Ale (~5.25% ABV) 35 IBU

Our Fireman friends from Keansburg came by again to ask if we could make a special brew this year for their annual swearing in ceremony New Year's Day.  They wanted a dark or black lager.  We didn't have enough time for that request but we came thru with a dark ale brewed with malt smoked with cherry wood.  Named after the Fireman and their house in Keansburg.


Bavarian Wheat Ale (~5.5% ABV) 17 IBU

For our second annual Belftoberfest we wanted to brew a new beer in a great German style.  We decided a wheat ale style from Bavaria would give us some more of that great German taste.  With about 60% wheat grain bill, our Hefeweizen does just that.  Tasty and light it is a real crowd pleaser.  A refreshing ale with a great banana and yeast aroma this beer goes down easy and fast.


Dark Honey Porter (4.9 % ABV) 35 IBU

Bees produce all forms of honey, light floral in the Spring to dark bold flavor in the Fall based on the surrounding plants that they can extract the nectar from.  A local bee keeper couple who live in the area harvested a dark honey that was so good we had to create a beer with it.  The dark bold flavor of the honey with the mix of a Porter Ale produced this easy smooth drinking beer.  We named it after the adjacent street were they have their apiary, "Swartzel"  road.  Enjoy the taste of Swartzel, because the bees worked so hard for it.


Quadrupel Ale (~10.5% ABV) 39 IBU

Looking down and seeing your cards in your hand match the board and then seeing it improve to quads or to a straight flush is truly a greatfeeling.  You know you have the nuts so you'll be taking the pot down with an extra bonus - House royalties on a natural quads or better hand.  This beer is like that.

Jackalope Christmas Ale

Porter (5.0% BV) 38 IBU

This recipe dates back to the 90's when our brother Philip use to brew this in our house.  The little brother to a Stout, this beer we altered a little by adding a Christmas touch to it, with all the spices used to make gingerbread men.   As for the name "Jackalope", only one person knows the origin, Philip and hasn't told the story yet.  More to come...

Belford Dark

Dark Hefewiezen (6.0% ABV) 20 IBU

Many years ago my brothers would talk and talk and talk about making a dark beer that was smooth and light but it never happened, until now.  Try this light, smooth and malty beer with a little taste of "chocolate" that was well overdue.   Here's to Kevin and Philip dream beer.