Due To The Coronavirus, We Will Be Only Able To Allow Take Out

The Brewery

We opened our doors to the public on the first weekend of August, 2014.  Since then we have been striving to make delicious drinkable beer.  We specialize in making Belgian, British and German style traditional ales and lagers that everyone can enjoy.  We offer tours throughout the course of days we are open.   The tour itself is about 5-10 minutes or longer if our customers are curious and like to know more about the process.

Breweries are not allowed to sell food but you are more than welcome to bring your own from your favorite restaurant.

Tasting Room Pricing

  • 4oz samples - $2-$3 each

  • Pints - $5 - $8

To Go Pricing

We fill Belford Brewing Growlers as well as outside growlers as long as they have the Government Warning label on them.

  • 32-oz Glass Growler - $4.99

  • 64-oz Glass Growler - $5.99

  • 32-oz Growler Fill - $7-10

  • 64-oz Growler Fill - $12-18

  • 750 ml Crowler (Non-refillable) - $7-13


Initially, in 2014 we started out with a 1BBL brew system and a mix of 1 and 2 BBL fermenters and brite tanks.  It soon became apparent (in about 3 months) that we were going to need to make more beer. Within the next 6 months we doubled our brewhouse to 2 BBLs with a 3BBL mash tun to make some big beers.  Later, in the next year,  we rolled in a couple of 5 BBLs to brew double batches.  Yet again, we realized it was just not enough to satisfy our thirsty crowds.  So, In the summer of 2018, we upgraded our brew system to a 5BBL capacity with a 7BBL mash tun.  We also added 4 more 5BBL uni-tank fermenters to make even more Jersey Fresh Craft Beer.

Tasting Room

We started out with one tasting room and designed to look and feel like a old style Pub with hightop tables with a nautical theme.  After 2 years we decided we needed more room so when next door became available we jumped on the idea of expanding our tasting room with a new one.  But we wanted the second one to have a different look and feel so we came up with the idea of a Beer Hall.   While the original tasting room is a intimate and quite for conversations the new Beer Hall is louder and bigger.  So it depends on what your looking for when you choose one of the two rooms to sit down an have a pint or two in.

What We Offer

Schools & Pints

We offer a variety of ways to enjoy the Brewery whether it being tasting a selection of beer that we like to call a "School" due to the fact that the town of Belford has been one of the longest fisherman cooperative on the Eastern boarder. A school is any number of tasters that you would like to try.

Fills To Go

We also offer "Fills To Go" in 32 oz and 64 oz Growler fills and 750 ml Crowlers, the can version of a Growler.

Private Parties & Events

We support local charities and fundraising events and offer private party packages also, so if you would like to have a little celebration at the Brewery, whether it be a birthday, graduation or a retirement we offer competitive pricing for room rentals and beer offering.

Marian Enny